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Legends of Hemp is the combination of individuals who collectively have been involved in dozens of successful businesses in the cannabis industry coupled with successful individuals from the entertainment industry. We bring together our knowledge and experience in these two industries to create a platform for legends to launch and sell their own hemp-derived products. Between our internal manufacturing capabilities and the additional capabilities of our partners throughout the supply chain, we can produce virtually any hemp-derived product to market with your brand identity.

Our Services

Branding Genetics and Product Purity

We have an abundant amount of unclaimed genetics for any legend. We offer a premium extraction process to deliver the highest quality strain to your products.

Direct to Consumer Blueprints

We work with artists in the entertainment industry with direct to consumer channels to propel them into the booming hemp market.

Product Innovation

We offer more efficient systems and effective CBD products. We provide a catalog of pure and tested products and can customize products that cater to your brand.

Legendary Brands

How It Works


We provide design & dev solutions

We understand the troubles in technology facing the hemp industry. We partnered with expert technologists to provide innovative solutions for your online brand.

We handle orders & shipping

Our supply chain exemplifies automation and efficiency. We have integrated our storefronts with a flexible backend to handle different resourcing and inventory locations.

We optimize analytics & product performance

Nobody wants to be sitting on inventory that doesn't move. We continue refining strategies to create the most efficient selling strategies backed by data.

Premium Genetics to Best-in-Class Distribution Network

We understand the market is flushed with options and generic ambition. That is not for us. We pride ourselves in utilizing the highest quality of hemp flower in all products. From farm to fingertips, we have control over what is possible even if we have to invent it.

Address: 315 Moravian Valley Rd, Unit 315-4

Waunakee, WI, 53597

Email: info@legendsofhemp.com

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